Vol. 10 (2014): May |

Vol. 10 (2014): May

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Editor’s Note

School year 2013-14 is considered to be a propitious year for research: from a trickle of 2 to 4 papers published annually in international journals in the previous years to more than 50 papers published in various international journals in Asia, Latin America, Europe, North America and Africa this school year. In celebration of this academic bounty, the University produces UM Research Journal 10th Edition (Special Edition). The sudden increase in the number of studies accepted in reputable journals is a result of years and years of research trainings and research initiatives with the various stakeholders of the University to address enduring concern of achieving sustainable development.

The articles included in the Journal are already published in international journals; the articles are re-printed as compilation for the use of the University. The Research and Publication Center see the need to compile the articles to share the trail of efforts and development of scholarship of its faculty.

The UM Research Journal is the official publication of the University of Mindanao managed by the Research and Publication Center.



 Estimation of the Program Effect of a 6 Unit English Course Using Difference-in-Differences Estimator: The Mindanao Case
Adrian Tamayo, Maria Linda Arquiza, Geoffrey Girado and Luningning Alvior
Gross Domestic Product Forecasting Using the Box -Jenkins Methodology
Adrian Tamayo, Reynaldo Cuizon, and Alben Sagpang
Making Good Design Licensure Exam: An Architecture Licensure Examination Study
Adrian Tamayo, and Illuminado Quinto Jr.
Satisfaction on Tourist Destinations in Davao del Sur
Florence Kristina Mellina, and Annie Fritce Aballe
Marketing Skills as Predictors of Profitability of Franchisees in Davao City, Philippines
Eduardo de Gracia, and James Campomor